Exploring the Accursed mountains of Kosovo

The last couple of days have been spent exploring around Peja with Kevin and Ruth. They are authors of the popular travel blog: travelwithkevinandruth.com

We’ve been to visit the White Drin waterfall and local caves in the Zhelb mountain. The caves date back over 2 million years and were formed by an underground river. They’re inhibited by a huge colony of bats and were previously inhabited by humans. In fact parts of the cave network have recently been closed off as the remains of two young children have been discovered. They’re thought to date back over six thousand years.

Yesterday we met the hugely knowledgeable and charming mountain guide – Nol – from Balkan Natural Adventures. https://bnadventure.com/ He provided directions to several local Via Ferranca routes on the rocky massifs of the Rugova Gorge. He hired us the kit we needed to tackle them and we set up with a slight feeling of trepidation.

We loved Via Ferranca! Progress up and across the mountain was slow as we unhooked and hooked ourselves in to the cable bolted to the mountain face. With the sun in our faces and feeling courageous we ascended the rock face to 1,000m. The day ended with a celebratory meal enjoying various local Pec specialities washed down with Peja beer.

Today we’re back in the mountains with Kevin and Ruth for a hike to enjoy the autumnal colours and some steep ascent.

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  1. Hi Guys, I’ve just finished binge reading (stalking?) your posts – what a fabulous year you’ve had. Your photos are amazing! By the way, how many races and long runs does Mirsie do…it seems to be loads, I would be completely broken if I did just fraction of that. And also, how many hydration vests does she have – I guess if you can’t decide on which colour to get, get them all🤣
    By the way, I feel that a van tour post would be interesting.
    Keep having fun on your adventures.

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