A good result in the Ephesus 61k event in Turkiye

The trail racing season started for Mirsie last weekend. This was the Ephesus 61k event. It started and finished in Selcuk in south west Turkiye and which went through the ancient city of Ephesus. Built in the 10th century BC it’s a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mirsie admittedly wasn’t in the greatest of form and suffered from stomach cramps during the race. Nevertheless she finished second in her age group and in the top ten of female finishers. Result! She said afterwards:

“I had done very little training… however it was a very pleasant trail with lots of beautiful wild flowers and olive groves…. A lovely atmosphere.”

She’s now off training in the Greek National Park of Mount Olympus to get ready for her Istria 100k UTMB race in Croatia next month.


Mirsie races the Julian Alps 100k event in Slovenia

I travelled to Kranjska Gora in Slovenia to race the Julian Alps 100 mile event on 16th September. It was to be the last event of the season and, as it was part of the UTMB World Series, it was a big one!

Mirsie at the start of the Julian Alps 100k race

However as we arrived the weather turned bad with heavy rain the day before the event. It also began to snow on the mountain peaks. On the advice of mountain rescue the organisers called off the 100 mile event just three hours before the start. Instead I then opted to race the 100k event that evening. Expecting it to take around 24 hours we started in the dark at 9pm in heavy rain, with spirits lifted with the rousing tunes of the local brass band.

Julian Alps 100k

As we steadily climbed to higher altitude during the night we experienced all kinds of weather. From heavy rain and wind to extreme cold and snow. Conditions became increasingly dangerous with numerous call outs to mountain rescue to help with broken bones and hypothermia. Once conditions worsened further the rescue helicopters were prevented from flying. At that point the organisers had no option but to call off the race. We were shepherded to the next check point and then bused back to the start. A disappointing end to the event but completely understandable in the circumstances. Time to rest, travel on and begin to plan for 2023.

Mirsie makes the podium at the Ucka Trail Race, Croatia

We turned up at Mošćenička Draga,, a beautiful fishing village in Istria, Croatia to watch the Golden Trail series Croatia national final. On the off chance they might accept a couple of late entries we asked and they said yes! I entered the 16k race while Mirsie took part in the main marathon event. It was a lovely sunny day and 300 competitors across several races started from the harbour. Mirsie was delighted to find herself finish on the podium not once but twice! She was third female overall and first in her age group. Congratulations!

David finishes the Ucka Trail 16k
David finishes the Ucka Trail 16k

UTMB, Chamonix

Chamonix is one of our favourite places due to its outdoor vibe. The atmosphere was electric during the UTMB races this week. Thousands of runners, supporters and spectators arrived for one of the eight races which are part of the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc running festival.

The town was packed. The expo was huge. Runners were out on every trail, every moment of every day. The superstars of trail running – including Killian Journet – were to be seen ambling along the streets and in the coffee shops.  And it was to be Killian who, despite testing positive for Covid, won the main event and achieved the remarkable feat of being the first person to run the 100 mile race under 20 hours. The young American Katie Schide came in at 23.15 hours – the second fastest time ever for a woman.

Ervina and Mirsie
While in Chamonix Mirsie received a special surprise visit from her daughter Ervina who flew in from London.

We spent several weeks in Chamonix and the surrounding area while Mirsie prepared for her race. It’s an inspiring place and I’m sure we’ll be back many times in the future.

Taking part in the UTMB TDS race

I started the TDS race from Cormayeur at midnight Tuesday AM (23rd August 2022). The race is designed to test you every which way: mentally and physically. It’s beautiful all the way.

I found it challenging. Physically I felt fine but mentally it was difficult due to lack of sleep. As I ran through my second night of continuous running I felt I was sleep walking. Due to the challenging ridges I felt it best to stop racing after 100k and 24 hours and 37 minutes. David met me at Beaufort feed station with the van and within half an hour of arriving there I was sound asleep.

The 90 mile TDS event may be shorter than the 100 mile UTMB race but it is a notoriously tough race. It’s extremely well organised one with clear route navigation and plentiful feed stations. I’m now very familiar with the route and better understanding the challenges involved in completing it. Would I do that race again? Yes I would!

Mirsie competes in the Montreux Trail Festival: MXTREME 110K

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned
Its called MExtreme for a reason. It was Extremely tough, up in the remote Swiss Alps, This event was part of the Montreuxmountain running festival. The race started in Bex and finished in Montreux. It was a very challenging race with a small field of just 400 competitors, (half of them did not finish).. With 8,000m of ascent it was a beautiful course with extremely beautiful views. I hadn't trained enough for this race but managed to complete it safely and in one piece. My finishing time was 25h.22m. My leader board position was 9th female and 49th finisher overall...Time to recover now. 🙂❤🏔🏃‍♀️☕. PS. The last four miles my watch battery died.


Dolomyths Mountain Race

The Dolomyths Ultra yesterday was a tough 60k mountain race in the Val Badia region of the Italian Dolomites . It was very demanding covering 4 summits and over 3,500m of ascent. The sun shone all day and I found the long and steep ascents challenging. Fantastic scenery all the way with clear way markings and friendly marshals. Finish time as 12 hours, 1 minute. Leader board position: 13th female. Time to recover…


Taking part in TDS 2021

The UTMB is the most incredible trail-running festival in the world! Each year, the best athletes meet in Chamonix… Runners participate in one of the event’s 7 races. I was privileged to take part in the TDS event and the atmosphere was electric. This was an extremely technically challenging mountain race, with several craggy climbs and descents all requiring precise footing and balance. Sadly I didn’t get to finish the race. It was heart breaking to know that only a few metres ahead of me, there was an accident that unfortunately caused the death of a young Czech runner. My heart went out to him and his family.

Mirsie with pro athlete Fernanda Maciel from Brazil