Taking part in the UTMB TDS race

I started the TDS race from Cormayeur at midnight Tuesday AM (23rd August 2022). The race is designed to test you every which way: mentally and physically. It’s beautiful all the way.

I found it challenging. Physically I felt fine but mentally it was difficult due to lack of sleep. As I ran through my second night of continuous running I felt I was sleep walking. Due to the challenging ridges I felt it best to stop racing after 100k and 24 hours and 37 minutes. David met me at Beaufort feed station with the van and within half an hour of arriving there I was sound asleep.

The 90 mile TDS event may be shorter than the 100 mile UTMB race but it is a notoriously tough race. It’s extremely well organised one with clear route navigation and plentiful feed stations. I’m now very familiar with the route and better understanding the challenges involved in completing it. Would I do that race again? Yes I would!

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