Tour of Mont Blanc 3 days in



David, Mirsie, Mike, Lorraine, Holly & Joe, TMB 2022
David, Mirsie, Mike, Lorraine, Holly & Joe, start of TMB 2022

Having completed day 3 of our Tour of Mont Blanc, we arrived this afternoon in the picturesque Italian town of Cormayeur.

We’ve now covered over 40 miles and climbed over 9,600ft (2,900m) through the Alps. The views are just stunning. High snow covered mountain peaks and glaciers. The trail is well marked and there are dozens of folk on the trail some like us traveling light, others carrying 15kg+ backpacks. There are mountain bikers too. It’s all very social. The mountain refuges have large dorm rooms and hearty, carbo loaded meals. We’re having a blast!


  1. I miss you so much and would like it if you come back soon. I miss my cycling lessons and Iā€™m almost going to get a motorbike hehe

    1. That was from Findlay obviously haha. He then asked to record his message and sent it. X

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