A good result in the Ephesus 61k event in Turkiye

The trail racing season started for Mirsie last weekend. This was the Ephesus 61k event. It started and finished in Selcuk in south west Turkiye and which went through the ancient city of Ephesus. Built in the 10th century BC it’s a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mirsie admittedly wasn’t in the greatest of formContinue reading “A good result in the Ephesus 61k event in Turkiye”

Moving on from Albania

Mirsie and I have been resting in Albania over the last two months. Her family have a flat in Shkoder which we’ve appreciated using during the colder, rainy months during winter. It’s been great spending time with her older brother and his extended family, all of whom have been exceptionally kind and generous. At theContinue reading “Moving on from Albania”

Exploring the Accursed mountains of Kosovo

The last couple of days have been spent exploring around Peja with Kevin and Ruth. They are authors of the popular travel blog: travelwithkevinandruth.com We’ve been to visit the White Drin waterfall and local caves in the Zhelb mountain. The caves date back over 2 million years and were formed by an underground river. They’reContinue reading “Exploring the Accursed mountains of Kosovo”

Mirsie races the Julian Alps 100k event in Slovenia

I travelled to Kranjska Gora in Slovenia to race the Julian Alps 100 mile event on 16th September. It was to be the last event of the season and, as it was part of the UTMB World Series, it was a big one! However as we arrived the weather turned bad with heavy rain theContinue reading “Mirsie races the Julian Alps 100k event in Slovenia”

Mirsie makes the podium at the Ucka Trail Race, Croatia

We turned up at Mošćenička Draga,, a beautiful fishing village in Istria, Croatia to watch the Golden Trail series Croatia national final. On the off chance they might accept a couple of late entries we asked and they said yes! I entered the 16k race while Mirsie took part in the main marathon event. ItContinue reading “Mirsie makes the podium at the Ucka Trail Race, Croatia”

A concert in the Dolomites

Occasionally while hiking in the mountains we spot an opportunity to do something different. In the small town of San Martino Di Castrozza, near Trento in the Dolomites we were offered tickets to a concert featured in the I Suoni delle Dolomiti Festival. The cappella singing group – Accent – performed a mix of coversContinue reading “A concert in the Dolomites”

Taking part in the UTMB TDS race

I started the TDS race from Cormayeur at midnight Tuesday AM (23rd August 2022). The race is designed to test you every which way: mentally and physically. It’s beautiful all the way. I found it challenging. Physically I felt fine but mentally it was difficult due to lack of sleep. As I ran through myContinue reading “Taking part in the UTMB TDS race”