Mirsie races the Julian Alps 100k event in Slovenia

Julian Alps 100k

I travelled to Kranjska Gora in Slovenia to race the Julian Alps 100 mile event on 16th September. It was to be the last event of the season and, as it was part of the UTMB World Series, it was a big one!

Mirsie at the start of the Julian Alps 100k race

However as we arrived the weather turned bad with heavy rain the day before the event. It also began to snow on the mountain peaks. On the advice of mountain rescue the organisers called off the 100 mile event just three hours before the start. Instead I then opted to race the 100k event that evening. Expecting it to take around 24 hours we started in the dark at 9pm in heavy rain, with spirits lifted with the rousing tunes of the local brass band.

Julian Alps 100k

As we steadily climbed to higher altitude during the night we experienced all kinds of weather. From heavy rain and wind to extreme cold and snow. Conditions became increasingly dangerous with numerous call outs to mountain rescue to help with broken bones and hypothermia. Once conditions worsened further the rescue helicopters were prevented from flying. At that point the organisers had no option but to call off the race. We were shepherded to the next check point and then bused back to the start. A disappointing end to the event but completely understandable in the circumstances. Time to rest, travel on and begin to plan for 2023.

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